Completion of the Adventures of Brian NFT Collection

Cat20Designs - Adventures of Brian NFT Totally Rad Party Brian

Its been a long time coming to get to this milestone. Cat20Designs is proud to announce the completion of the Adventures of Brian NFT collection. Completion date 1/1/23.

It is so special to make this announcement today, the first of the year and the 33rd birthday of the creator of the collection, Tylor Adair

Creating this passion project in his spare time, the project took one full year to complete, this includes the NTFs themselves, the collection page on the website, the terms sheets, and the whitepaper.

This collection is meant to share the enjoyment of roleplay with a community of like-minded tabletop gamers via Discord. We encourage new players, veteran players, and families to get on board and create fun memories and share with others in the community.

Owning one of the Adventures of Brian NFTs grants you access to a growing library of playable content for your tabletop games. We focus on Dnd 5e compatibility and ensuring adventures are playtested and fun! This library offers one shot adventures, maps, and monsters and will continue to grow over time.

In addition to playing our maps, and joining us on discord, owning a #BrianNFT tells us you support our efforts and believe in Cat20Designs, for that, your voice matters to us. Giving you the opportunity to give input to help mold and create the world around Brian.

Please check out for more details and information about the collection and our plans for the future. 

At this time the collection is not available for sale. Check out our twitter page @cat20designs for giveaway opportunities and a chance to get a spot on the whitelist.

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