Growing a following in a niche market

Cat20Designs - Adventures of Brian NFT Giveaway Post

Now that things are underway with the Adventures of Brian NFT Collection. Its become prevalent that growing our social media following and expanding our members in the Discord community is top priority. With a completed collection it's now a hype game. We post to twitter daily @cat20designs and engage with others who follow the NFT tabletop roleplaying niche. We post our collection related posts under the hashtag #BrianNFT to keep everything in one place and easy to find.

We are in the process of getting ready for NFT Giveaways on Twitter. One hundred Adventures of Brian NFTs are allocated for giveaways prior to the collections official launch. The winners will be announced on Discord. For further details on the collection and sales information visit the Whitepaper or download the PDF file.

Right now we have only been focusing on growing Twitter and Discord. We will soon be adding Instagram to the list. The Discord server, hosted by Cat20Designs, is an NFT Community meant for tabletop roleplaying game players and web3 enthusiast. Anyone can join and participate in the growth of the community. It's meant to be a safe place for ttrpg players to get together chat, host games, learn and inspire one another. Its open for new players, veteran players, and families. Anyone can role dice and make memories. Some of our favorite ones are doing just that. We want to give you that joy! 

All of our updates and news related to the NFT collection will be posted in the #announcements channel on Discord. Those who own one of these NFTs will gain access to an ever growing library of tabletop roleplaying game content, including but not limited to adventures and maps.

Following this trajectory we will maintain a steady increase in followers on Twitter inching us closer to giveaways. We do not want to keep giving away NFTs to the same people so its important we have a health following before we begin. We are working hard to get the word out to grow twitter as fast as possible. If you are reading this and haven't followed please do so @cat20designs.

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