Level 20 Mom with D20, Die-Cut Sticker

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Elevate your awesomeness with our “Level 20 Mom with d20” Sticker – the perfect gift for the incredible moms who believe in themselves and deserve a token of appreciation!

This sticker is the ultimate way to celebrate the amazing moms in your life or to proudly proclaim your own legendary status. Featuring a stylish d20 design and the title “Level 20 Mom,” it’s a badge of honor for those who’ve leveled up in the game of life.

Whether you’re treating yourself to a well-deserved pat on the back or looking for the ideal gift for your own mom or mother-in-law, this sticker is a fantastic choice. It’s perfect for Mother’s Day, birthdays, or any occasion when you want to acknowledge the remarkable women who’ve achieved “Level 20” status in the world of motherhood.

Add your own design of any shape and create uniquely personalised die-cut stickers. These blank stickers are great for both indoor and outdoor use as they are made with thick, resistant, laminate vinyl material. The easy-peel backing makes for great ease of use, while the matte finish helps your designs look sleek on any surface.

.: Material: water-resistant vinyl
.: Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
.: Easy peel backing
.: Matte finish
.: NB! Small details close to each other will most likely be cut out as one shape

What people are saying!


This being his (the artist) first ever warforged I was happy to issue him a challenge. The end result was absolutely flawless, exactly as I pictured him and his monkey. I'm definitely coming back for a commission.

Matthew Gonzalez

I first had the pleasure of speaking with Tylor from Cat20Designs when I requested artwork be drawn for a pretty funny D&D character I had created. I was shown some previous work he had done and knew immediately that he was exactly who I was looking for. All throughout the way I was asked several questions to get the feel of the picture right. This showed me how much effort and care was going to be put into this artwork. The end result was even better than I had imagined and honestly I could not be happier! I would recommend highly to anyone out there looking for artwork to be commissioned. 10/10. 5 stars. I will definitely be a return customer.

Eli Pineda

The art work at Cat20Designs is well done and the artist I worked with really helped capture the image I have of my character, the artist worked with me every step of the way and asked plenty of question to make sure I was satisfied!! The end result is amazing and I’m excited to keep working with cat20Designs in the future.