Cat20Designs Tabletop Roleplaying game one page dungeons, playtest and fun, 5e compatible, fantasy setting in the tigers gullet

Tiger's Gullet Treasure: CR 3-5 One Page Dungeon (Digital Download)

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Deep in the deserts shifting sands, there is a tale of a moving cavern. The violent sandstorms of this harsh environment make finding this dungeon an impossible feat to begin with. However the rumors of the grand treasure inside drive adventures to the trial, the Tigress Eye gem being the most desired. The riches inside do not go unguarded. They say those who do find the cavern never come back, stating the magics that keep the dungeon moving change those who enter into fanged beasts. Forever trapped to guard the vast treasure inside.

Download includes:

Cover art

One full page dungeon map

One full page of dungeon description complete with enemy images and stat blocks

What people are saying!


This being his (the artist) first ever warforged I was happy to issue him a challenge. The end result was absolutely flawless, exactly as I pictured him and his monkey. I'm definitely coming back for a commission.

Matthew Gonzalez

I first had the pleasure of speaking with Tylor from Cat20Designs when I requested artwork be drawn for a pretty funny D&D character I had created. I was shown some previous work he had done and knew immediately that he was exactly who I was looking for. All throughout the way I was asked several questions to get the feel of the picture right. This showed me how much effort and care was going to be put into this artwork. The end result was even better than I had imagined and honestly I could not be happier! I would recommend highly to anyone out there looking for artwork to be commissioned. 10/10. 5 stars. I will definitely be a return customer.

Eli Pineda

The art work at Cat20Designs is well done and the artist I worked with really helped capture the image I have of my character, the artist worked with me every step of the way and asked plenty of question to make sure I was satisfied!! The end result is amazing and I’m excited to keep working with cat20Designs in the future.